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A sanctuary to escape the daily stressors of life while you awaken and restore your mind, body, and soul.

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We offer the following sessions to meet your needs:


This beautiful small group class incorporates Massage and Yoga in one. All classess are conducted fully clothed and provides assisted stretching with restorative yoga poses and props. Class is limited to 5 people per class. This class is 60-75min and safe for all fitness levels, prenatal, post partum, and seniors.

Yoga for EveryBody

This class is for all fitness levels and perfect for those that are looking to start or continue a consistent yoga practice. Modifications are provided for participants as needed during the class. Yoga offers many physical and emotional benefits and is a great way to start or end the day. A small centering and meditation session is also provided as a part of this practice. We will explore our capacity and limits as we seek room for better wellness. If you are expecting or have just had a baby, please consider joining our prenatal or postpartum Yoga class.  This class is scheduled for 60mins and is perfect for all fitness levels.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep or deep rest guided meditation of a conscious relaxation. During this session Sound and Vibrational instruments may be used to support your deep rest. You are asked to dress comfortable and be prepared to relax on your mat as you mind and body shifts into a deep relaxation. These classes may be held Virtually or in person and will be announced at your booking. Be prepared to rest for the evening once you have completed class to enjoy an evening of sound sleep. One hour of a Yoga Nidra class is the equivalent to four hours of sleep. When we are able to fully REST, our body is able to heal, release toxins at the cellular level, refresh our mind, and remove baggage from our subconscious mind. This class is scheduled for 60mins and is perfect for all fitness levels.

Call for pricing on Corporate Events

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