"Your Bloom Is Worth It!"
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Co-Author of the International Best Selling Anthology..."Your Life Is Worth It", an intimate collection of fitness, health, and wellness experiences to encourage you to become your BEST self.

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My Story

Dr. Tiffany Taft is the Chief Wellness Officer and owner of Sacred Soul Wellness where she is focused on womb wellness and creating remarkable holistic experiences that empower women to be the best WHOLE version of themselves. She educates women on how to heal, inspire, and equip themselves with life-long tools that supports them at every phase of womanhood. She is an Integral Healer utilizing ancient wisdom to counter dis-ease in the body, mind, and soul. She supports women through the phases of the sacred moon of fertility, pregnancy, and beyond. Her approach is the perfect mix of ancient wisdom and modern science. Dr. Tiffany creates Sacred Spaces of healing for her clients and promotes a healthy balance of body, breath, and movement that restores relief from chronic pain and issues that have left years of pain and traumas unhealed. Dr. Tiffany offers in person and virtual services for those looking to deepen their journey to wholeness. She encourages us all to BE STILL. BE HEALED. BE WELL!

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